Smart, Transparent and Secure Transactions

The IntoNet platform revolutionizes financial transactions by placing control over your funds back in your hands

ITN is a token that we use in the IntoNet platform to bring transparency and speed up transactions through the blockchain technology. Our cryptocoin is tailored to unique needs of business associations, NGOs, NPOs, governments and humanitarian organizations.


Who can use ITN?

Our clients are large-scale nonprofit organizations, professional associations and governments who can benefit from a blockchain technology by facilitating payments and data exchange as well as investment and donation processes.

Is the ITN supply infinite?

No. All ITN coins are backed by financial assets, with proof of reserves, ensuring all tokens have real intrinsic value and can be converted into fiat money at any time. Therefore issuance of ITN coins is capped at 25% of the initial supply per year.

What is the ITN wallet?

ITN coins are distributed through the IntoNet wallet which provides functions such as user identification, deposit, withdrawal and transaction history as well as recommendations based on earlier purchases. IntoNet utilizes a proprietary blockchain technology in order to retain full control over the nature of transactions, levels of security, audit and API support for the wallet.

IntoNet will develop web and mobile client applications to be used as standalone wallets or to be integrated into NGOs/NPOs member applications (such as IFRC Connectik). The wallet will provide several functionalities including:

  • View ITN (and other IntoNet custom cryptocurrencies) balance
  • Send and receive ITN and other IntoNet-based tokens
  • Display personal transaction history
  • Interact with the Blockchain and smart contracts (restricted by access controls)
  • Secure storage of private keys

What’s next?

Sign up for the IntoNet platform and discover how a blockchain technology can help improve management of your resources.

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